4 Ways To Balance Work & Life

Whether you work the 9-5 grind, or you’re rocking your very own business, you have a personal life to balance along with it. I’m a work at home momma with a business of my own, and trust me I feel you. Striving for balance is what I do on the daily. The one thing I always remind myself of, is that I’ll never have the two perfectly balanced all the time, and that’s okay. For me some days are more mom focused, while others are all about productive work time. You’ll go through ebbs and flows, which is the perfect way to not get burnt out on either.


Seems simple enough, right? But I’m not just talking about To Do lists and planning what needs to get done in the day. Although, don’t get me wrong, those things will help keep your day to day more structured! Take a deeper look, and figure out what it is that’s important to you. Do you have a work project you’re striving towards getting done? Maybe you want to focus on spending more time with family and friends? Focus on making the time, so those things can happen - allowing you to feel happy!

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to ask for help. I can tell you whole heartedly that this is a huge one for me right now! Sometimes we feel like we can manage it all, and maybe we can, but a helping hand here and there is going to bring you so much closer to that balance. The beauty is, that help could come on the work end OR the personal end of things.

Knowing When to Back Away

When you’re getting frustrated, feeling stuck, or are just downright tired – back off for a bit. Go for a walk, change up what you’re doing, and show yourself some love. Heck, take a moment to sit and take some deep breaths! Constantly trying to tackle something when our bodies aren’t up to handling it, isn’t productive. Whether you take 5 minutes, or even an hour to reset. You’ll come back with a clearer head, ready to get back to it!

Find Your System

Not every system works the same for everyone. I know people who will get up at 5am. They start rocking and rolling to get done what they need to. For me, that just doesn’t work. But, I can stay up until 3am being insanely productive. Maybe you’re the kind of person who schedules the day out hour by hour, or you have a list of things to tackle, and make them happen as you see fit. Find what drops that stress level, and gives you the best balance. That system may change over time, and that’s find too. Do what works best for you right now.

Try to always be aware if you feel like work is overtaking personal time, or visa versa. Noticing that your balance is off is the first step in helping you regain it.

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