4 Ways To Start Loving Yourself

What does loving yourself really mean? It entails taking care of your needs (mentally and physically), living in a positive space, and comes with a sense of confidence. Most of us spend so much of our time making sure things get done, and taking care of others first, that we put ourselves on the back burner. Believe me, this will catch up to you every single time.

Loving yourself seems simple enough, right? Often, us ladies associate self-love with physical appearance and it really is about so much more than that. Now, I’m totally there with you if sometimes just putting on a little make up, and getting out of those yoga pants (even when you have absolutely no plans) helps give you a little boost. The problem is that we tend to look for approval from other people to boost ourselves, when we’re perfectly capable of doing that all on our own.

4 Ways to Start Loving Yourself

Accepting Your “Flaws”

Yes, I put “flaws” in quotes, because so often we use and hear that word, and I think it’s an awful one! I used to call my "larger than life" teeth, smile, and ears a flaw. Maybe you think that roll of fluff on your belly is a flaw, or the way your hair is too curly or too straight is one as well. That’s where your wrong. These unique traits make us beautiful in our own way, and we need to love, respect, and accept that. If someone has an issue with a certain aspect of your beauty, trust me, they are not worth your time.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Like I said before, we too often focus on taking care of others, or making sure all our daily tasks get done, and at the sacrifice of doing things that really make us happy. It’s amazing how taking a little time to do small but meaningful things can boost our happiness. For me, that looks like squeezing in a 20 min yoga session, going out of my way to make healthy snacks from scratch, and even chatting with a good friend on the phone regularly.

Stop Comparing Yourself

I don’t know exactly when or how it began, but we started feeding off this idea that we all need to act similar, look a certain way, or be interested in the same things to reach this state of perfection – to be liked by others. The beautiful thing about all of us though, is that we’re different! Of course, we still have certain things in common with others, but we shouldn’t be striving to change ourselves to fit a mold that’s maybe not comfortable. Embrace what makes you unique, and let it fuel you.

Embrace Change

We get older, our interests shift, and we grow. Change isn’t a bad thing; every single person experiences it. I think our pasts aren’t something to dwell on but to learn from. The more we hold onto things that were, or should have been, the unhappier we become.

One of the biggest things that’s helped put me in a positive space, and help me learn to accept and love myself, is by showing other people the same care. I do my best to cut out initial judgement of people, and focus more on what makes them stand out – of course in a good way! Share those things with other women. It’s amazing how sometimes the simple act of lifting each other, can help us lift ourselves.

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