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Course & 1-1 Coaching

Hey there! If you’re on this page reading this right now, then I’m betting that you’ve reached a point in your life where something has to give. You’ve tried other avenues you just haven’t really connected with, and know that even though it might seem hard - you yourself are capable of creating the change you need.

I’m here to help, but here’s the truth - you won’t find degrees, certificates, or credentials anywhere on my site. You could say I’m a self taught or street smart mental health guru - backed by decades of personal experience conquering depression, panic attacks, and bipolar disorder in my own life. The stories, lessons, and techniques I share are ones from my life and the lives of people I’ve helped.

If that’s not your jam, and you’re looking for the Ph.D then no hard feelings, and I wish you the best on your journey. If you’re sticking around, awesome! I’ll hit you with more details below!

Looking for a natural path to betterment.

Willing to be open minded.

Ready to put in the work and take action to create change.

Tired of feeling held back by your mind/emotions.

Ready to get back to a state of happiness.

Wanting insight and guidance on overcoming your personal struggles.

Ready to see massive positive change that can take years, in just a few months.


What will it do for you?

Help you live with a positive perspective.

Leave you feeling less stress.

Give you the ability to live happier daily.

A higher sense of self love/self worth.

Self empowerment.

Help you let go of past “trauma” or “baggage”.
Better your relationships with others.

Leave you with the tools to be able to overcome any obstacle, life curveball, or stressor that comes your way.

Overcoming mental “blocks” such as anxiety/panic attacks, depression, or bipolar disorder.

Why work with me?

I’m like a combo of an honest best friend and motivational speaker .

I don’t beat around the bush and like to get to the point.

I mix the serious with the fun.

Seeing you grow and blossom is just as important as seeing myself do it.

I’ve been through the trenches and know what it’s like to feel that struggle.

I’m already your number one fan and biggest cheerleader!

I’ll stop talking about myself and let you hear what some other amazing ladies have to say:

Guidance from Olivia (SimplyOli) has reshaped my thinking in such a way that my friends, family, and especially my fiancé have all taken notice. Olivia’s perspective on life is refreshing and pure because she TRULY LISTENS, and then speaks from the heart and gives advice based on her own experiences, not from textbooks or a cataloged forum of automated answers. I can always count on her to find the bright side of a seemingly impossible situation. She never hesitates to call me out when I need it, which keeps me accountable and illuminates her honesty. Her own thinking is solution based, facing issues head on, and that is what she offers to those around her…attainable solutions that focus on a shift in mindset. Olivia is a bright spot in the world (definitely a ray of sunshine in mine!) and I know that she will change many lives just by being herself. I would not be who I am today had I not met her. If you are looking for someone to guide you through a transformation into a kinder, more grateful, healthier, self-loving, and more productive you, Olivia is your Wonder Woman!

I cant believe the places people come from and where they can go. Having once shared a dorm with Olivia, I can fully testify to the place this amazing woman came from. Even without the same dorm-life relationship with her today, her online presence documents an absolutely incredible and transformative journey. I’m amazed by the transparency and determination she has shown over the past several years to understand that growth and the vulnerability she triumphed by sharing her story.

Olivia is the epitome of a healer, and her life-path is perfect for understanding how to guide anyone else who is looking to overcome a challenge.

When you need a positive mindset push, she is there. When you need a good hard laugh, she is most definitely there. When you need someone to lift your spirits and guide you in the right direction, you better believe she is THERE. You can always count on Olivia to listen, and give the most wonderful advice. You can talk to her, and she is always there with open arms. No judgements. She is 100% real and honest with every situation you bring her way, turning every problem you’re facing into something YOU CAN get through. Every time we get together, I leave feeling like a brand new person filled with positivity, happiness, and most of all LOVE.

Evelyn W.

Syndel S.

Alicia P.

Why now?

It’s been proven that dealing with excess amounts of stress can cause physical illness.

Your mental health and happiness is just as important as your physical health.

Making a positive mental & emotional shift doesn’t just affect you internally but also your life, relationships, career, finances, etc.

If you’re like me then I know you’re busy, and time doesn’t stop so we can better ourselves. That’s why my course and coaching is in a style that’s easy to absorb and implement without bogging you down with hours of work. You’re not trying to go back to school - you’re refining your lifestyle.

How long have you been waiting for this change? So why not now?

Let's chat!

I’m not going to keep you here with miles and miles of text to scroll through trying to persuade you that this is the right decision. If you’re not ready just yet that’s totally fine. If you’re 100% down, keep on scrolling and I can’t wait to work with you! And if you’re on the fence, simply pick a time to call so we can chat more about it! You can see if we click, I can answer any questions you have, and we can find out if you’re ready to dive in!

Here's the breakdown:

12 weeks for calls and messaging

One on One


Calls: 6 separate 60 min 1:1 calls

Messaging: Daily texting style contact available through the Slack app 

Weekly outline:

1.  Reflection & Forgiveness
2.  Changing Your Language
3.  Learning to Love Body & Mind
4.  Cutting Out The Negative
5.  Getting Ahead of Emotions
6.  Step Into Your Power
7.  Slowing Down & Being Mindful
8. Using Thoughts & Feelings to Create Internal Happiness

*Content delivered as an audio file to listen to and a downloadable PDF that is yours to keep.

So what's the plan?

I'll take care of it all now and pay the full

I'd rather do 3 monthly installments of

Yay! For choosing to invest in yourself!

Psssst! You save $112 this way.

Just know that you are incredible! Whether we get to co-create amazing change for you over the next three months or not - I just want to commend you for acknowledging where you’re at, and how much you value the importance of your mental and emotional health. You truly are the light in your life.