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Guidance from Olivia (SimplyOli) has reshaped my thinking in such a way that my friends, family, and especially my fiancé have all taken notice. Olivia’s perspective on life is refreshing and pure because she TRULY LISTENS, and then speaks from the heart and gives advice based on her own experiences, not from textbooks or a cataloged forum of automated answers. I can always count on her to find the bright side of a seemingly impossible situation. She never hesitates to call me out when I need it, which keeps me accountable and illuminates her honesty. Her own thinking is solution based, facing issues head on, and that is what she offers to those around her…attainable solutions that focus on a shift in mind-set. Olivia is a bright spot in the world (definitely a ray of sunshine in mine!) and I know that she will change many lives just by being herself. I would not be who I am today had I not met her. If you are looking for someone to guide you through a transformation into a kinder, more grateful, healthier, self-loving, and more productive you, Olivia is your wonder woman! 

Evelyn W.

Olivia is the life coach I never knew I needed! Her vlogs and most recently her podcasts remind me that things are not always perfect and that is okay. We all get/feel stuck but as long as you keep trying day by day you will keep improving and growing in your life/goals. Her willingness to share is very inspiring and motivating. I love that she shares her real life experiences and insights with her audience. I've enjoyed the SimplyOli brand since near the beginning and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here!

Aryella F.

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The Coaching

Oh my goodness, what can I say about SimplyOli? I own five unique pieces of jewelry crafted by Olivia, and I have also commissioned her to make a gift for my best friend's wedding, made from flowers from her bouquet and lace from her gown. I cannot imagine trusting any other artist's vision and craftsmanship to make such a personal and sentimental piece, and it came out simply breathtaking. It has been an incredible pleasure to watch Olivia's style grow over the past few years to where it is now: highlighting the beauty of the natural world through ethical means with delicate simplicity and utmost respect and artistry. I am proud to show off the pieces that I own, and I look forward to discovering what comes next to add to my collection. If you're reading this review because you haven't decided if you want to make a purchase, GO! What are you waiting for!?! Not only are you supporting a kind, generous and gracious local artist, you are setting yourself up for hundreds of "Oh my goodness, where did you get that?" conversations! You will NOT be disappointed!

Jessica H.

Stunning attention to detail and such a unique piece. I get asked about it all the time. I love the quality of the piece. You can tell a lot of care and finesse went into its creation!!

Cristina T.

I did the "10 Days To Self Love" email course with SimplyOli and it was just amazing! SimplyOli was there every step of the way with guidance and support and the workbook she created is wonderful! I can't recommend the workbook enough and would suggest anyone who wants to work on self-love to get this! Thank you SimplyOli for the amazing course and for all of your help and support!!! xxx

Gem T.

Not only was the product exactly what I wanted but the way it was so neatly packaged you can tell the love that went into the product! I'll be back for sure!!

Aline B.

I've bought several items from Simply Oli as gifts and the recipients absolutely love them! And with the adorable packaging there is no need to re-wrap them! And of course I couldn't resist buying an awesome sea shell necklace for myself. I've only had it a week and have already gotten so many compliments on it. Transactions are always smooth and easy. I would, and do, recommend Simply Oli to anyone looking for unique fun jewelry for themselves or as gifts! Thanks Olivia!

Jessica S.

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The Shop

I love listening to Olivia because she shares the same values and mindset that I do: positive thinking, self-love, manifesting our own reality... But sometimes I need a little push or reminder if I’m feeling stressed out or going through something(we all do!). In those moments, I love being able to have someone who will tell me to take a breath, cheer me on, and remind me that I can do anything! Small steps lead to big changes :) Thank you, Olivia!

Holly F.

Your voice is so soothing to listen to! Love the podcast and the topics. Looking forward to hearing more!


This is such an inspiring and positive podcast. Each episode gets better and better. I feel like Olivia is a good friend I am having coffee with. I am enjoying starting my day listening to the episode to get my mindset on the right path. As well as when I need a happy pick me up. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing your story!

Tea girl kisses

SimplyOli is such a kind down to earth person. It’s nice to know that people like her are tying to be the positive change they want to be in this world. Give her a shot, you might find her as helpful as I did.


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The Podcast





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