If you're looking to dip your toe into the wonderful world that is self love and start to take steps in that direction 10 Days To Self Love is perfect for you. It's available as an e- book and is a guided workbook full of exercises and tools to get your mind shifting towards a positive perspective. 

What if no matter what life threw your way, you could get back to happy. What if no matter your story, your struggles, or your setbacks, you could get back to happy. Relationships ending, career changes, personal loss, daily stress, low self esteem, lack of motivation, destructive habits, etc. - you CAN get back to happy. As someone who’s cried one too many rivers I know how horrible it feels to lose sight of happiness for too long. I’d love to invite you to come along with me through the steps that you can use time and time again so that you can always get back to happy.

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